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"These are the best of times."

The Best of Freedomain Radio

Complete through podcast 2,300…

1. The Stateless Society – An Examination of Alternatives
Life without government? Really? Here’s how it works – and why it is so crucial!

2. Caging the Devils: The Stateless Society and Violent Crime
Can a society without a government deal with violent crime?

3. These Cages Are Only For Beasts
The DRO debate continues…

5. Using the state for self-defense…
We always argue that we need the state for self-defense. Some logical problems with that approach

8. Proving Libertarian Morality
One of the central challenges faced by libertarians is the need to prove that libertarian moral theory is universally correct, while statist and collectivistic moral theories are incorrect. Here’s how to do it!

17. Dealing with Non-Libertarians Part 2
We all have to deal with non-libertarians – how can we do that most productively?

32. Liberty Under The Lash
How can we be free when the state is so powerful?

34. Moral Responsibility and Social Security
A great criticism of my ideas – and an analysis of social security!

37. What is Libertarianism?
A primer to share with baffled friends

40. Fleeing Eden
An analysis of the power of the Genesis myth

41. Power or Virtue? (A Love Story)
More explorations of Old Testament myths

46. Voting
It’s only a party for those in power

53. War Part 2
The real targets of warfare

67. Property Rights
The argument from morality in regard to property rights

68. Helping the Poor
Benevolence, charity and the welfare state

70. How to control a human soul
The ABC’s of totalitarianism – not to be used for evil!

71. Culture: How to enslave a human soul
The carrot that comes after the stick

78. Running to Lions for Safety
How is government protection working out?

80. Advice to the Young at Heart
You say you want a revolution? Some possible tips for wee freedom fighters…

86. Top Ten Myths About Libertarianism
Answers to the most common objections/questions (Feel free to distribute this to those baffled by your weird beliefs!)

88. Human Beings – Good or Evil?
An examination of duality

105. Environmentalism Part 3: Public/Private Greed
Understanding public self-interest (If private citizens don’t care about preserving property, why would bureaucrats?)

109. But *my* parents were really nice! (Part 1)
Some further explorations of the theory of parental corruption

113. But *my* parents were really nice! (Part 5: Freedom)
Why learning the truth about your parents is so, so important!

131. Does Government Decrease Violence?
Everyone argues that we need the government to control violence – In fact, having a government ensures violence will always increase!

133. Personal Freedom and Responsibility
Is integrity a choice, or a responsibility?

141. The Libertarian Love Doctor – Trusting Instincts Part 2
How to rationally trust your instincts

142. The Matriarchy at War
The tricky task of raising a soldier (or, the umbilical cord-ite)

156. The Social Contract Part 2: Facts
CIA archives help us understand the ‘social contract’

183. Freedom Part 4: Parents (and everything!)
The whole point of what I’ve been leading up to…

184. Empathy Part 1
Speaking volumes by asking questions

185. Empathy Part 2
How to feel for the un-free

189: An Invitation to Christians Part 1: Saving Your Soul
OK, so God exists – how should we best worship him?

196: Parenting Part 1: Credibility
Reducing conflict by earning respect

211: Childhood Prisons
A theory as to why my article ‘Stateless Prisons’ made people so upset!

234: Contempt
The final antidote to false morality

239: Global Warming As Metaphor
What horrors do fears of global warming mask?

240: The Greatest Argument Against The State
Removing the silencers from the guns of governments…

245: The Arrogance of Fantasies
We rationalists are often called arrogant for asking for proof…

249: Libertarians, the ‘minimal state’ and basic logic
Small state, huuuuge error!

258: The Subtle Corruption of State Banking
How our masters keep us on a foggy leash

263: Dealing with Passive Aggression (Part 1)
Chewing your way out of the trap

264: Dealing with Passive Aggression (Part 2)
Almost there now… Just a few… more… chews!

268: Debating Freedom Without Solutions Part 1
What if we waited before offering solutions?

269: Debating Freedom Without Solutions Part 2
What if we waited before offering solutions?

275: Enron
The visible fist versus the invisible hand

290: Why We Hurt The Ones We Love (Part 2)
How the victim controls the abuser

297: Aggression Versus Assertion
How to defend your values without attacking others

299: The Crystal Ball Collapse
An explanation for my 10-15 year prediction of collapse?

304: Conversational Bombs
Clues as to whether people giving advice are really trying to help you

320: Call In Show July 9 2006
A silver-tongued listener reveals his inner voices, an article preview, a live dream analysis, and new ways to use the argument from morality!

327: The Rise of Evil Part 2: Theory
A theory about conditions for the inevitable escalation of evil

328: The Rise of Evil Part 3: Experiments
A theory about conditions for the inevitable escalation of evil

341: Conflict Resolution Part 3: Rules
Christina and I talk about our rules for resolving conflicts…

348: Escaping Your Family Step By Step – Part 2
Reciprocity is freedom..!

360: Call-In Show Aug 6 2006
Fistfights, War in the Middle East, the ‘honor’ of the South, and more!

381: Loving the ‘Sheeple’
How to love the majority like they never hurt you…

390: Statist Intellectuals Part 1
The start of a very, very troubling idea…

401 Who is to blame? (continued from 391)
Combing over who takes the rap for the hell of the world

406 Who Is To Blame Part 3: Parents?
The mind that tells the child rules the world

407 Who Is To Blame Part 4: A possible answer…
It’s probably not who you think…

412 Nit Picky City
Get out of the lifeboat! Detonating the ‘gray areas’ of morality

445 Anti-Masculinity Part 2
Taking pride in being a man!

448 Empiricism and Nonsense Part 1: Church
A brief history of belief and disbelief

449 Empiricism and Nonsense Part 2: State
A brief history of belief and disbelief continued…

450 Libertopia
The longitude and latitude of freedom’s capital

451 Christina’s Family Letter Part 1
A complex letter from her family…

454 Anarchy Is What We Have
If you think that anarchy is something to be feared, take a look around…

455 Philosophy Is Laughter
The purpose of thought is joy…

473 Children: Selfish and Evil? (Part 2)
The root of statism is our view of children

479 Freedom From Lists
A woman’s work is never done…

482 Goals and Tension – Stef needs help!
Can we have life goals without tension? For me, at least, not so far!

485 Gods and Politicians – A response to user posts
One is the shark, the other the blood, the result a feeding frenzy on your freedoms!

487 Anarchy 101
All the anarchistic philosophy I could stuff into under 40 minutes…

497 Intermittent Slavery
Tales from the pens of the owned

501 The Physics of Freedom – Two Essential Principles
Two of the greatest gateways to freedom

503 The Optimism of Euphemisms

504 The ‘Good’ Wife… (With Christina)
The search for perfection / Is all very well / But to look for heaven / Is to live here in hell

511 Agnosticism Part 2
Logical and emotional problems with the agnostic position

515 The History Of Religion Part 2
Rank speculation on the genesis of gods

559 Art Part 4
Emotional arguments for ethics

564: Shadow Governments
What governments reveal about society

614 Political Libertarianism Part 2
Just because it’s a party, doesn’t mean it’s fun…

639 Loving A Philosopher (advice for girlfriends/wives)
…it’s probably even better than you think!

649 Locked in the trunk of a car…
A political solution to shopping

650 Call In Show Feb 18 2007
Amazon adventures and past lives

661 Teenage Depression Part 1 Threat
The genesis of the fall

662 Teenage Depression Part 2 Losing Love
The fall

669 Dr No – Friend or Foe?
Congressman Ron Paul and the future of freedom

694 Foo Fighter (Video Available)
A listener breaks the chains!!!

712 Sarcasm…
Where does it rank in the moral hierarchy?

729 Your Children Do NOT Love You…
…but they will hate you if you think they do!

731 Success and Freedomain Radio Part 2 – The Future
The long view of FDR success

735 We are not born small…
The size of our souls is the depth of our opposition

741 Religion As Comfort for Evil
God does comfort people, just not any of the good ones…

744 Social Reality – Mythology Part 2
How to tell a screenplay from a documentary…

754 Fleeing Freedom
A dream, a backstory, a liberation!

755 Man, Family and State
A new article…

764 Sunday Call In Show, May 20 2007
Withdrawing from Iraq, a fan of Uncle Joe, Agnosticism/Catholicism and Stef’s manipulations!

774 My Son, Klan Reformer – A Political Fable
A fable for modern times…

785 Slavery and Statism
Slavery was ended by political activism – shouldn’t we take the same approach?

831 Respect for Women
Doing right by the fairer sex – it’s probably not what you think…

835 Enlightened Parenting
Choice is quality.

839 Sunday Call In Show August 12 2007
Stef confronts an abuser, the self-knowledge of determinism, and God as a parasite…

853 Managing Other People’s Emotions
How to avoid one of the most subtle prisons of all…

858 Reason, Passion and Statism
Instructive stories from my academic career…

863 Son Versus Nihilists – A Listener Conversation
A son squares off against his parents

867 Dismantling the State
Dealing with a core illusion

885 Hope for the future…
A speech to raise your hopes

911: Unenslaving (A Listener Conversation)
Throwing off the final shackles of our early prisons…

912: Standing in blood (audio to a video)
The latest from Iraq

915: Drugging Children
A drug that reduces the intelligence of hundreds of millions of children…

926 The Obligations of Doctors
The next ace up my sleeve…

947 The Next Thing (Part 1)
The opening salvo of part 3 of our conversation.

955 An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters (Video Available)
Don’t give up hope – liberty is at hand!

965 Mike Tyson: Girl Guide (A listener couple conversation)
Never underestimate your enemies.

966 Procrastination… (Video Available)

982 The Government turns Everyone into a Tool…
Two examples of moral corruption…

988 Anatomy of a Relationship Part 2: Control
The effects of control…

1002 Freedom from Politics
…in which I attempt to give you back at least 10% of your life…

1017 False Currency, Real Control (The Housing Bubble)
A free market analysis of the housing bubble.

1020 Happy Easter Jesus! (Video Available)
I have a present for you…

1031 Politics Versus Anarchy
Are anarchists mere dreamers? Is political activism the way to go?

1045 The Atheists, the Mormons, and the Baby… (a couple convo)
What do you do when one side of a family is atheist, and the other Mormon?

1046 Philosophy Debating Tips
How to have more fun debating philosophy!

1053 Friendships – The Conference Call
How to tell the living from the dying from the dead…

1055 In Praise of Personal Attacks…
Are personal attacks ever warranted, just or fair? Well…

1058 Proof of Anarchy
A simple proof that anarchy will work.

1061 Political Action – One Last Time!
Tidying up a few loose ends…

1062 The Virtue of Enemies
The pride of being hated.

1066 Everyday Anarchy – The Conference Call Part 3
Even more feedback and examination of the arguments of the book ‘Everyday Anarchy’…

1067 Train the Trainer vs Political Action
Some thoughts on where we are as a movement.

1077 Tension (Part 1)
The social challenges of Freedomain Radio.

1078 Tension (Part 2)
The storm before the calm…

1086 Objectivism and UPB Part 1
Do we have innate knowledge about right and wrong? Two approaches…

1105 Motivation and Slavery (Video)
Some thoughts on a TED talk by Anthony Robbins

1107 Sunday Call In Show July 13 2008
Some big little news; confidence in contribution – and navigating a breakup…

1110 Bringing Virtue to Families
Families, freedom and virtue – the theory.

1111 Families, Abuse and History
The history of the world is the history of childhood.

1114 Freedom, Desire, Slavery
Why we want the freedom we have never had – a pretty essential podcast.

1120 Sunday Call In Show Aug 3 2008
The FDR wiki, why do you want to change others, and trusting your instincts in a job interview.

1122 The Roots of Male Violence
A reading from psychohistory.

1124 Attacking Mothers
An article reading…

1126 The Childhood Origins of World War II and the Holocaust
An article reading.

1128 The Drug of Truth
The pushers are out there…

1129 Life Among the Suited Savages
Don’t startle them…

1132 Killer Motherlandpsychohistory.com
A powerful article by Lloyd deMause

1133 The Psychology and Neurobiology of Violence
A powerful article by Lloyd deMause

1156 The Empire Strikes Out (Video)
An analysis of the current US economic crisis from Freedomain Radio – what is going on, and why.

1157 Truth as Fetish
Opinions are ugly lovers…

1167 Current Events – Is Sarah Palin a Bimbo? (Video)
Is it fair to call Sarah Palin a bimbo? I say: nope! Plus, 700 billion dollars? We might as well say 700 billion elves…

1169 House, MD – A Free Market Analysis of the Financial Crisis (Video)
A free market analysis of how we ended up in the current financial crisis — and a simple sentence to clear it up for everyone else!

1177 Theories of War and Violence (Video)
An examination of moral theories of war and violence using Raskolnikov from ‘Crime and Punishment’ and the Joker from ‘The Dark Night.’

1183 The World as Hurt Child…
Love the world, despite history.

1187 Sympathy versus Anger
Sometimes I feel anger towards my parents, and sometimes I feel sympathy and pity — here is how I resolved the dichotomy.

1189 True News 5: Voting (Video)
The truth about voting…

1190 Overcoming Guilt (Video)
These three simple questions will free you from unjust guilt and self-attack…

1192 Voting Part 2: Understanding Voting (Video)
Why begging politicians for pennies back on the dollar will never set you free.

1197 Aiming at the Headstone
What will people say at your funeral..?

1198 True News 7: The Truth About Voting Part 3 – Yay Obama! (Video)
Soooo, you chose the brother over the granddad – and this libertarian could not be happier!

1199 Agnostic Psychology — A Theory
A theory which might explain the general prevalence and emotional intensity of agnosticism.

FDR1204 My Major Contribution to Philosophy
It is in fact embarrassingly simple…

FDR1208 Remembrance Day 2008 (Video)
Did millions really die to set us free?

FDR1210 The Guardian Article – Sunday Call In Show Nov 16 2008
Hey, we finally hit the mainstream!

FDR1219 True News 13: Statism is Dead – Part 3 – The Matrix (Video)
You do not live in a country. Take the red pill.

FDR1226 Freedom Reason, Cults (Video)
What happens when we apply dictionary definitions of ‘cult’ to mainstream institutions?

FDR1229 Statism is Dead Part 5: Statism and Terrorism (Video)
Statism is terrorism.

FDR1233 Free Will, Determinism And Self Knowledge – Part 1
The bare bones of a new theory about determinism, free will and self-knowledge…

FDR1236 Sunday Call In Show Dec 21 – Baby and Birth
Christina and I talk about the birth of our daughter and our first few days as parents…

FDR1240 Holiday Blues and Interviews
Two thoughts to brighten your holiday season.

FDR1245 The Meaning of Life Part 3 – Integrity as Salvation
How and why philosophy brings happiness…

FDR1256 True News 17 — Media Accusations Part Two – Cult?
Responses to the recent articles about Freedomain Radio – an eight part analysis of Freedomain Radio as cult.

FDR1265 The Trial and Death of Socrates – Part Six – Conclusions

FDR1278 True News 19: Somalia Part 2
Some responses to listener criticisms.

FDR1279 True News 20: God Flip-Flops on Darwin!
Soooo, the Vatican is attempting to rehabilitate Darwin?

FDR1280 Melancholy and Anger – A Listener Conversation
A listener awakens from despair.

FDR1284 True News 21: What To Do About the Coming Depression (Video)
The root causes and only solution for what we all face.

FDR1295 The Rise of Corruption Part 3 – Avoiding Self-Knowledge
The genesis of goo part 3.

FDR1299 The Truth Has No Power
Something we so often forget…

FDR1302 Sunday Show March 15 2009
The view from a cult, and why we all must be leaders.

FDR1314 True News 27: AIG vs War (Video)
What should we save our outrage for?

FDR1318 Sunday Show March 29 2009
Therapy, society and leadership – a must-listen!

FDR1329 True News 31 – Naughty Libertarianism! (Video)
Rebutting an an article with a typical hate-on for Libertarianism.

FDR1331 Loving Your Opponent
A good time to end a conversation is…

FDR1332 You Are Because The World Is
A thought to lift your spirits.

FDR1333 Hatred – A Convo – A Must Listen!
Refraining from action in the face of corruption.

FDR1337 Depression Part 1
Some thoughts on the most common psychological ‘ailment’…

FDR1339 Depression Part 3: War
A gray life is a white flag.

FDR1349 True News 38 Auto Bailout (Video)
Some thoughts on unions, greed, and the destruction of an industry.

FDR1355 Political Parties: The Greens and the State
The best idea I’ve had so far this year…

FDR1358 Singularity
The moment of truth, and how it can pass…

FDR1359 Ambivalence and Siblings
Brothers, society and the case against philosophy.

FDR1376 Thoughts About the 2009 Freedomain Radio Barbecue

FDR1382 In Praise of Failure
Learning to love failure is the essence of happiness.

FDR1384 The Psychology of Mysticism Part Two
Why Jesus was able to be as ‘kind’ as he was.

FDR1390 True News 43: Roads, Education, Hypocrisy (Video)
What happens when road rules are taken away?

FDR1391 Sunday Show 14 June 2009

FDR1394 Self Attack Through Fog – A Conversation
When the mythology fails, we begin to succeed.

FDR1395 Failure, Opposition, Desire
Do we desire the failure of those we oppose?

FDR1398 Happiness Part 2
Thoughts on the discipline of lifelong joy.

FDR1406 True News 44 – Executive Pay Ripoffs? (Video)
444% increases? What on earth happened to executive pay?

FDR1415 Shyness – A Conversation
Some thoughts on how it arises, and how to solve it.

FDR1422 True News 46: Healthcare Part One (Video)
The growing violence of American health-care.

FDR1424 Freedomain Radio – The Educational Revolution
Truth not warped by power…

FDR1425 Freedomain Radio – The Ethical Revolution

FDR1430 A Philosopher As Parent
Some thoughts and suggestions on raising babies.

FDR1433 Our Achievements Part 1
Pause. Reflect. Celebrate!

FDR1442 Fiat Money In France Part 1
A book from 1897 about our future…

FDR1443 Fiat Money In France Part 2
A book from 1897 about our future…

FDR1444 Fiat Money In France Part 3
A book from 1897 about our future…

FDR1453 Freedomain Radio – Stefan Talks to a College Class
A college teacher invites me to answer questions from his class.

FDR1466 History is Religion
Another moral narrative of control…

FDR1470 Self-Esteem
Some philosophical thoughts on the theory and practice of self-esteem.

FDR1473 ‘District 9’ – A Freedomain Radio Movie Review
The philosophy behind the science fiction movie.

FDR1476 The Freedomain Radio Interview: Lloyd deMause
An interview with Lloyd DeMause, Director of The Institute for Psychohistory.

FDR1477 True News 55 — Obama, Vanity, Grandiosity (Video)
Did Obama close Gitmo yet? Get the troops out of Iraq? Sighhhhh

FDR1482 Plain Talk about Spanking
An article by Jordan Riak, Executive Director, Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education – http://www.nospank.net

FDR1484 A Theory of Marxism
Some thoughts on what might turn a soul red.

FDR1489 Money Is You (Video)
What the government is really selling when it gets into debt.

FDR1492 The UPBs of Love–convo
He did end up asking her out…

FDR1494 The Market for Philosophy
The free market and philosophy, sitting in a tree…

FDR1495 Projecting Virtue
Why we give up our greatest treasures to power-mad strangers.

FDR1499 The Joys of Humility
Most of the good things in life come from humility…

FDR1511 Babies, Brains, Nature and Nurture – The Interview with Dr Stuart Shanker
Dr. Stuart Shanker is a Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at York University.

FDR1512 Troll Spotting – A Conversation
A man who trolled Freedomain Radio pretty hard apologizes and opens up about his history…

FDR1514 Sunday Show Nov 22 2009
Two dreams analyzed, one dream destroyed…

FDR1515 True News: Global Warming Hack, Illegal Downloading and Unemployment (Video)
The moral facts behind the news.

FDR1520 True News: Obama, Afghanistan, and the Graveyard of Empire (Video)
An elegy for the endless idiocies of imperialism.

FDR1523 ‘The Philosophical Baby’ – Dr Alison Gopnik – The Freedomain Radio Interview
A fascinating conversation about the ethical life of infants.

FDR1526 None Left Behind
Something I am very proud about.

FDR1528 The Machine of Evil 2
Where does moral responsibility lie in the cycle of abuse?

FDR1531 Talking About Anarchism With Atheists
God down, state to go!

FDR1533 Dr Greg Siegle Interview – Anxiety, Depression, Autism
Dr Siegle discusses the latest breakthroughs in brain imaging and mental health treatments.

FDR1538 The Bomb in the Brain – The Effects of Child Abuse Part 1 (Video)
After you listen to this video, you will never look at the world the same way again.

FDR1539 The Bomb in the Brain – The Effects of Child Abuse Part 2 – The Freedomain Radio Interview with Dr Felitti (Video)
An interview with Dr. Felitti, the director of the Adverse Childhood Experiences project.

FDR1540 The Bomb in the Brain – The Effects of Child Abuse Part 3 – The Biology of Violence (Video)
Why people become violent.

FDR1551 Why We Are Different
Why we are so different from those around us?

FDR1553 Restitution
How it works, and why.

FDR1554 The Mind-Frackery of Harry Potter
There are no survivors, and it is an insult to think otherwise.

FDR1556 Global Warming Skepticism: The Freedomain Radio Interview with Warren Meyer (Video)
‘Millions of lives hang in the balance’ – The Scientific, Economic and Political Realities of Climate Change and Global Warming – an Interview with Warren Meyer of Clmate-Skeptic

FDR1557 Fractional Banking, Private Currencies and Humble Freedom (Video)
Don’t imagine you can know how the future will function…

FDR1562 Interview with Therapist Daniel Mackler (Video)
A very interesting interview with practicing therapist Daniel Mackler.

FDR1565 The Politics of Obesity – The Freedomain Radio Interview with Dr. Robert H. Lustig (Video)
An interview uncovering the political and medical causes of the current obesity crisis.

FDR1570 Philosophical Parenting – Part One
The plan for philosophical parenting, and the results so far.

FDR1571 Philosophical Parenting – Part Two
The plan for philosophical parenting, and the results so far – what I admire about my daughter.

FDR1572 Sunday Show 31 January 2010 – Guest Psychotherapist Daniel Mackler
Listeners ask Daniel Mackler about his approach to therapy and self-knowledge.

FDR1574 Philosophical Parenting – Part Four – Solutions
How to plan your life to be a great parent.

FDR1575 ‘You Are Not Alone’ – Freedomain Radio Interviews Dr Richard Schwartz (Video)
A great MEcosystem theorist explains his approach.

FDR1582 Discipline and Philosophy
What role does personal discipline play in the philosophical life?

FDR1591 The Biology, Morality and Politics of Addiction – Dr Gabor Mate (Video)
Dr Gabor Mate reveals the biological basis of addiction, and the insanity of the statist war on drugs.

FDR1594 Rear View Canoe – A Listener Conversation
A listener discusses her problems with trust at the beginning of a relationship.

FDR1601 Statism and Blame – What Is Coming
The livestock are about to get seriously blamed by the farmers…

FDR1604 Successfully Talking About Freedom – Part One
A listener and I discuss how she might be able to approach her friends about liberty…

FDR1607 The Bomb in the Brain Part 4 – The Death of Reason – The Effects of Child Abuse (Video)
The scientific evidence underlying the near-universal resistance to reason and evidence.

FDR1608 Empiricism, Humility and the Free Market
Why it is so tough to be humble and rational if you have never lived in the free market.

FDR1609 Notes on the Inter-generational War to Come
Should we expect our elders to live by the values that they inflicted upon us?

FDR1610 Arguments with a Statist – Does the Government Reflect the Will of the People?
Rational ways to counter the argument that a democratic government reflects the will of the people.

FDR1611 True News: Medicare, Poverty, Terrorism (video)
How much power does Paul Krugman think the government needs to solve the health care crisis?

FDR1612 God, the State and the Family – Sibling Abuse Part One
A family and political analysis of sibling abuse.

FDR1613 God, the State and the Family – Sibling Abuse Part Two
A family and religious analysis of sibling abuse.

FDR1627 ‘I Accept’
A great way to frame your position while also communicating your methodology.

FDR1628 The Evolution of Evil
Some ruminations on the etymology of immorality.

FDR1633 How Many Children Are Abused?
A rough approach to an essential question.

FDR1634 Philosophy and the Protection of Youth
How reason and evidence protect the innocent.

FDR1635 The War
It’s deep, hidden, and essential to see.

FDR1638 The Ghosts of Self Knowledge
Why mankind is religious.

FDR1641 The Story of Your Enslavement (video)
We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement – up to and including your own. (Text)

FDR1642 Advice for Parents with Regrets
An older listener asks me what he can do to bring value to the children he neglected.

FDR1643 Playing Cards with the Dead
A block I have found to my own happiness.

FDR1647 Shyness – A Vindication
It is not shame, but a medal.

FDR1651 Heroism Part One (Video)
What you think is feeding you is actually eating you. An examination of the heroism that is stolen from you.

FDR1652 Heroism Part Two (Video)
The true nature of heroism, and the ultimate superpower that you can use today…

FDR1662 The Effects of Divorce – A Listener Conversation
The effects of the catastrophe that is so rarely talked about.

FDR1672 Freedomain Radio Sunday Show May 30 2010
Dealing with sexist friends, over-scheduled kids, tutoring challenges, and a beautiful listener testimonial…

FDR1676 Freedomain Radio Sunday Show June 6 2010
An analysis of Ayn Rand novels, the woe of a science teacher in the public school system, and I talk a parent out of spanking…

FDR1679 The Death of the West Part 3: The 20th Century (video)
The long term effects of the First World War – the fall of the Free West, and the darkening skies of tyranny…

FDR1685 Virtue, Ethics, UPB and APA
Thoughts on the Differences between Virtue, Ethics, Morality and the Unconscious…

FDR1688 2010 Porcupine Freedom Festival – Opening Speaker (Video)
June 26 2010, 6pm, ‘Language as the Ultimate Government Program’

FDR1702 Social Anxiety
My history of overcoming shyness and social anxiety.

FDR1703 Ordering Hits on Friends
What it means when a friend supports the state.

FDR1708 Why You Are Unemployed — Part Two
The real reason you are unemployed — do not take it personally!

FDR1713 Priests to Media
Where did the priests ago when religion began to decline?

FDR1722 The Souls of the Masters – Part 1
Examining the psyches of the rulers.

FDR1728 Frankly Faithless: An Interview with the Thinking Atheist
The son of two prominent theologians, and a former star of Christian radio, talks about the social, professional, and moral challenges of losing God, and finding himself… http://www.thethinkingatheist.com

FDR1730 Social Anxiety Part Two
The social anxiety that philosophers feel is not always our own fault…

FDR1732 Another Brave Parent!
A parent struggles to solve sibling conflicts.

FDR1733 Dead-ucation
Kids keep getting smarter. School stays as dumb as ever. References: http://www.fdrurl.com/odd

FDR1738 Hey Old People!
There is no money to pay for your retirement. Here’s a way forward.

FDR1739 Fire Engines of the Future!
Will a free society be able to put out fires? Yes, after it puts out the inferno of the state!

FDR1742 Determinism Part 666
I choose to respond to those who say I am not free to choose to respond…

FDR1746 Freedomain Radio Barbecue Thoughts, September 2010
Some of my impressions of the 2010 Freedomain Radio listener barbecue, as well as some thoughts about context and history.

FDR1749 The Origins of Power Lust
Many people believe that human beings are innately subject to power lust, here’s where they are wrong.

FDR1760 Freedomain Radio Sunday Show, 3 October 2010
I’beeya no like, the myth of human nature, and two listeners stop a mother from beating her child.

FDR1762 Speaking Up – A Conversation
Some tips on how to find your voice again…

FDR1763 Irritation
When justified anger festers…

FDR1764 Fear
What we are all truly afraid of…

FDR1765 The Philosophy of Childhood (video)
Philosophy dictates how children are raised…

FDR1777 ‘But They Did The Best They Could’ – Parents, History and Morality (video)
Let’s look at the evidence, shall we?

FDR1779 The Philosophy of Nostalgia
Life in the rear-view ain’t all bad…

FDR1783 Bullying
Yeah, it might not actually be the fault of the kids…

FDR1784 Retirement Trolls
Trolls as the building bricks of statism?

FDR1785 Stuck in Therapy – A Listener Conversation
A listener breaks through.

FDR1791 Evil – An Introduction
The deep foundations of the grimmest altar…

FDR1792 Morality is Memory
And abuse destroys memory, so…

FDR1805 Living Free in an Unfree World: Stefan Molyneux Speaks at Libertopia 2010
Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio addresses the audience at the Libertopia 2010 conference in Hollywood, California, challenging his listeners to acknowledge the importance of unspoken consensus in maintaining the status quo and of resisting social pressure to treat the state as legitimate.

FDR1813 Isabella Achieves UPB!
At 2 years and 2 days! 🙂 This is both very good and very bad news.

FDR1814 The Moral Clarity of a Lonely History – A Listener Conversation
I dropped by the European Freedomain Radio conference call, and had a great conversation with a listener about loneliness.

FDR1825 Freedomain Radio Sunday Call in Show, 9 January 2011
The darkest dream you may ever hear, good news about keeping people out of the military, and the power of ethics, and ethics of power.

FDR1829 We Reap What We Sow
Loughner, Giffords, the media, the shooting, and the larger lessons for society…

FDR1833 Dating Against the Odds – A Listener Conversation
How to find love in an un-philosophical world.

FDR1860 Freedomain Radio Sunday Show, 27 February 2011
Two parents, inspired by Freedomain Radio to practice peaceful parenting, discuss the challenges; general questions about anarchism, and living philosophically in an irrational world…

FDR1867 An Introduction to Virtue – Part 1
The purpose of virtue is to eliminate itself.

FDR1870 Freedomain Radio Sunday Call In Show, 13 March 2011
A very public intervention, weeding out crazy dates, epigenetics, and where does the fear of physical ugliness come from?

FDR1880 Freedomain Radio Sunday Show, 27 March 2011
The loneliness of the long distance thinker, the grave dangers of boring people, the media and the state, and the betrayals of academics.

FDR1885 Freedomain Radio Sunday Call In Show, 10 April 2011
What to do if you’re pushed down the stairs, when funny videos aren’t funny, the ethics of FEMA, losing a spouse to cancer, and dealing with relativists.

FDR1888 The Jeff Tucker Interview Part 2
Jeff Tucker and Stefan Molyneux discuss libertarian parenting, economic collapse, rational optimism – and the liberation of technology.

FDR1894 Guns, Gods and Goodness – The Use and Abuse of Ethics (video)
Why be good? Until we have an answer, all we will have is abuse.

FDR1901 Freedomain Radio Sunday Call In Show, 1 May 2011
The Royal Wedding, earning self-love, UPB and war, Dr Mom questions anarchism and national defense, friendship, history and intimacy…

FDR1905 Entrepreneurial Terror – A Listener Conversation
How and why you are bred to be a wage-slave, and view freedom as disaster…

FDR1908 ‘Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream’ – Freedomain Radio Interviews Chris Whalen
Christopher Whalen is co-founder of Institutional Risk Analytics, a unit of Lord, Whalen LLC, the Los Angeles based provider of bank ratings, risk management tools and consulting services for auditors, regulators and financial professionals. He leads IRA’s risk advisory practice and consults for global companies on a variety of financial and regulatory issues. Christopher is the author of the new book, ‘Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream.’ Christopher currently edits The Institutional Risk Analyst, a weekly news report and commentary on significant developments in and around the global financial markets. He also contributes articles on the Reuters and Zero Hedge web sites. Christopher has testified before the Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission on a range of financial and other issues. Christopher is a Fellow of the Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University.

FDR1910 The State as Family (video)
Why it is so hard to get people to think rationally about the state.

FDR1911 The Case for Hope – The Freedomain Radio Interview with Chief Economist Dr. James Smith
Dr. James Smith, Chief Economist, Parsec Financial, makes the case for the continued success and sustainability of the American economy, praises George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and argues that Ben Bernanke is the greatest Federal Reserve Chairman.

FDR1915 The First Casualty of War (video)
Only the dead have seen the end of war — Plato. Did millions really die to set us free?

FDR1918 Birthers, JFK, 9/11 and Family
A revealing way to look at conspiracy theorists through the lens of family history…

FDR1921 Freedom’s Phoenix EZine Article – The Future of Freedom is the Truth of the Past – Lessons in Propaganda from Government Education
An article for the premier issue of the new e-zine Freedom’s Phoenix

FDR1926 The Cynical Ethics of Childhood
The lectures I remember from my youth…

FDR1927 How to Find a Great Therapist! (video)
Some thoughts about one of my most common questions.

FDR1932 True News: Bitcoin, Free Markets and Economics 101 (video)
Why we would be better off without seat belts – everything in the free market balances out, Bitcoin versus Gold is just one example.

FDR1938 Pretension – An Analysis
Some thoughts on a common criticism.

FDR1942 Freedomain Radio Sunday Show, 3 July 2011
Greg and Charlotte getting married – philosophy on a first date, libertarianism and mafia burgers, the ethics of late DVD returns, and the economics of blamelessness.

FDR1951 The Statistics of Corruption – A Conference Call
How much of virtue should we really expect from our fellow men and women?

FDR1980 Walter Block vs Stefan Molyneux vs Ron Paul!
I respond to an article by Dr Walter Block about my arguments against the value and potential of political action. (original article)

FDR1983 Good is Evil (video)
The true history of ethics.

FDR1984 The Facts About Spanking (video)
The shocking science about the long-term effects of corporal punishment, essential viewing for every parent! (sources)

FDR1989 Conversations with Casey: Stefan Molyneux Interviews Bjorn Lomborg
Stefan Molyneux interviews Bjorn Lomborg, Author – The Skeptical Environmentalist and Cool It – Thought Leader: Bloomberg Summit 2011 – One of the 100 Top Global Thinkers: Foreign Policy, 2010 – One of the world’s 75 most influential people of the 21st century: Esquire, 2008 – One of the ’50 people who could save the planet’: UK Guardian, 2008 – One of the top 100 public intellectuals: Foreign Policy and Prospect Magazine, 2008 – One of the world’s 100 most influential people: Time Magazine, 2004 – Director: Copenhagen Consensus Center – Adjunct Professor: Copenhagen Business School.

FDR1992 Philosophical First Principles – Finally!
A great listener question from the 2011 barbecue – what on earth do I mean by first principles?

FDR1996 Freedomain Radio Sunday Show 18 September 2011
Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme! The emotional power of music, the philosophy of comedy, investments in failure, and dealing with passive aggression in relationships.

FDR1998 Beautiful Freedom (video)
Answers to common questions about a truly free society.

FDR2006 The First Wall Street Protest Manifesto! (video)
As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies…

FDR2010 Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Break The Matrix! (video)
The reality of corporations, the abuses of history, and how to truly break free of propaganda.

FDR2014 Things I Admire About Christianity – and Steve Jobs! (video)
Some of the good stuff I got from being raised as a Christian, and the criminality of Steve Jobs.

FDR2016 Banksters, Busts and History – The Facts Driving the Financial Crises
It took 150 years to blow up the banking sector – a brief history of a slow detonation.

FDR2020 Greece on the Edge of Reason – And When Will People Admit That Libertarians Were Right? (video)
Stef discusses the imminent Greek bailout, referendum and default – and insists that society admit that libertarians were right all along.

FDR2026 Remembrance Day 2011 (video)
I wonder what the dead of war would say, if they stayed past their demise, and wheeled around the fading battlefield like invisible kites of regret…

FDR2036 Corruption, Love, Intimacy…
Spotting crazy before you get involved.

FDR2038 Freedomain Radio Sunday Call in Show, 20 November 2011
How would anarchy deal with evil bosses? Who would produce intellectual goods without intellectual property rights? And a dream with two Stef’s in it!

FDR2040 The Guilty Conscience of the Aged Is the Secret Physics of the World (video)
Why is nobody asking the simple, basic question: why are all the Western democracies so deeply in debt? Because the answer is too horrible for words.

FDR2042 A Theory of Mental Health Part 1 (video)
Stef advances a theory of mental health, and a way forward for society that does not require the drugging of helpless children and badly informed adults.

FDR2043 A Theory of Mental Health – Part 2 (video)
Nature strives to keep us sane, society tries to make us mad.

FDR2045 British Blood Unions Strike! (video)
More examples of the impossibility and inevitable self-detonation of the devil called ‘demoncracy’.

FDR2047 Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Violent Fantasies of Crushed Souls
A radical theory about the origins, power and popularity of Harry Potter versus Star Wars versus Lord of the Rings.

FDR2048 Harry Potter, Star Wars and Amy Winehouse – Together at Last!
Chewie the mangina, R2D2 the lopped john-thomas, and Voldemort the blindness of the self to violent madness.

FDR2049 Public Sectors, Private Predations – A Plea Across Generations (video)
Please, have a little empathy before it’s too late.

FDR2057 American Detention Has Nothing to do with the War on Terror (video)
As the government runs out of fiat currency, it grows more fearful of the people. Barack Obama has abandoned a commitment to veto a new security law that allows the military to indefinitely detain without trial American terrorism suspects arrested on US soil who could then be shipped to Guantanamo Bay.

FDR2066 How to Elect Ron Paul (video)
A gift to those who believe that political action will set us free.

FDR2072 Statism, Cages and the Murder of Conscience (video)
You live surrounded by weapons.

FDR2079 How to Make a Monster (video)
A rebuttal to those who think that violence is inherent to human nature.

FDR2081 Were You Bred for War? (video)
Which sexual strategy is currently using you?

FDR2082 Feminism Is Socialism with Panties? (video)
In which Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, attempts to provide some context for a recent minor firestorm.

FDR2084 Survival and Sports
The many reasons why people become obsessed with sports.

FDR2088 The State Is Not Great – Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio at LibertyFest West
Stefan Molyneux rings down the house in Texas with a speech about how to align yourself with the goals of all virtuous people!

FDR2089 Great Myths of the Great Depression – An Article
A powerful article by Lawrence Reed

FDR2099 School Shootings, Social Violence, Abortion and the Rule of the Lizard Kings!
Stefan Molyneux is interviewed by Julie Ann Davis on Occupy Radio!

FDR2104 Hunting the Psychopath – Mike Cross Interviewed on Freedomain Radio
The nature, coloring, stripes and habits of the most dangerous human predator… Also – are there some among us born evil? (More from hare.org)

FDR2105 Screw Talent! (video)
The true secret of success.

FDR2107 How the Government Makes You Fat – The Great Sugar Shakedown
The U.S. government has devotedly jacked up American sugar prices far above world market prices since the close of the War of 1812…

FDR2115 Debating Statists – A Conversation
Stef describes some debating techniques to help change the minds of statists.

FDR2117 Hunting Future Love – A Listener Conversation
A listener tries to deal with his girlfriend’s anger issues.

FDR2125 Ethics, Logic and Social Control – The Freedomain Radio Sunday Show, April 15, 2012
The Freedomain Radio Sunday Show, 15 April 2012. An intense argument about universally preferable behavior, the rational proof of secular ethics – the long-term effects of managing dysfunctional parents, and Stefan Molyneux takes on a Jehovah’s Witness!

FDR2129 How To Keep Your True SelfStefan discusses how to save your own soul.

FDR2130 How To Have Hope
Stefan Molyneux discusses how to save your own optimism.

FDR2132 How to Prevent Violent Criminal Behavior in the Next Generation
By Jordan Riak (original article)

FDR2134 Help, My Girlfriend Was Assaulted – Freedomain Radio Sunday Show April 29 2012
What is the philosophical definition of a healthy ego? What are the ethics of addiction? How can I save my nieces from their drunken father? Why do I not love my virtuous girlfriend?

FDR2142 Barack Obama: Get Off Julia! (video)
Stef discusses the recent Democrat licking of the single woman’s ear – the Julia slideshow!

FDR2144 Why Anarchy Will Not Recreate a State
Stefan Molyneux argues against the idea that a truly free society will inevitably re-create a political hierarchy.

FDR2145 Happy Mother’s Day! The Freedomain Radio Sunday Philosophy Call In Show May 13 2012
The Freedomain Radio Sunday Show, 13th of May 2012. Dealing with death, dealing with a boring job, dealing with parents who lie to you.

FDR2153 Nature, Nurture and The Freedom of Self-Knowledge
Stef discusses the latest science and evidence in the nature versus nurture debate, and makes the case for the first commandment of Socrates: Know Thyself!

FDR2154 Freedomain Radio Listener E-Mail: When Does a Man – or Society – Become Bad?
Stef responds to a listener question now on how best to morally evaluate other people in your life.

FDR2173 Burn Notice!
Why the long expected economic crash has not happened yet; notes on the irreversible decapitalization of the West.

FDR2178 The Philosophy of Marriage and Dating (video)
What we can learn from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes recent divorce proceedings – some philosophical tips to keep you from ending up on the wrong side of the aisle!

FDR2182 Do You Own Your Kids?
A philosophical examination of the relationship between ownership, parents and children.

FDR2186 Is the World Insane?
Stefan Molyneux puts the planet on the couch.

FDR2190 ‘So one day you wake up in a Tarantino movie…’ Stefan Molyneux Speaks at FreedomFest 2012
The case for personal liberty, by Stefan Molyneux – sponsored by Laissez Faire Books

FDR2191 How to Communicate the Ideas of Liberty – Stefan Molyneux a Freedomain Radio interviewed at LibertyFest West
A wide-ranging interview on the true nature of political and personal freedom.

FDR2205 When Does A Man – Or A Society – Become Bad?
An exploration of an essential question.

FDR2209 Martial Arts, Violence and History
The evidence that everyone has provided.

FDR2222 The Federal Reserve: Subsidizing Evil Since 1913!
A speech by Stefan Molyneux. End the Fed!

FDR2224 Natural Born Bullies
We are told that austerity in Europe has failed. The elections in France and Greece, for instance, are supposedly evidence of people’s opposition to severe cuts in spending. However, the growing anti-austerity backlash against Europe ignores one fundamental point: If there is austerity in Europe, in most cases it hasn’t taken the form of massive spending cuts.

FDR2230 Guys Like Lenny Will Save Us!
What you sound like to people who value freedom…

FDR2231 Essential Empathy, Sociopathy and Government Programs
What is missing from those who want to solve complex social problems with blunt government force.

FDR2235 Freedomain Radio Behind-The-Scenes – Preparing to Host the Peter Schiff Radio Show
A preparatory speech for a radio host gig.

FDR2248 Moral Hysteria and Environmental Genocide
Stefan delivers a speech at Liberty Now at the University of Toronto.

FDR2254 Save Me from My Evil – Freedomain Radio Sunday Philosophy Call in Show, 11 November 2012
I Hate Work; My Parents Went to Therapy; Save Me from My Evil; The Danger of Money.

FDR2260 Philosophical Parenting – A Note from a Freedomain Radio Listener
Stefan reads the message from a listener about how best to practice and preach philosophical parenting.

FDR2265 The Fascists Around You – Part 1 (video)
Did you know that over 60% of people will kill if ordered?

FDR2269 The Fascists That Surround You – Part 2: Sociopaths (video)
What you call ‘culture’ is merely camouflage for sociopaths.

FDR2271 Parenting Suuuucks! (video)
A rant from Stefan on why Western birthrates are so low.

FDR2272 The Fascists That Surround You – Part 3: Statists (video)
How arguing for a free and peaceful society exposes the sociopaths around you. If you’ve been an active libertarian, you have already done your own Milgram’s experiment. I implore you to process the results.

FDR2273 The Fascists That Surround You – Part 4: Society (video)
Protecting yourself from the sociopath or the psychopath is a lot harder than you might think.

FDR2274 The Fascists That Surround You – Part 5: Nature vs. Nurture vs. Ethics (video)
Is evil born or made? Is sociopathy genes or environment? Are sociopaths responsible for their own behavior?

FDR2275 The Fascists That Surround You – Part 6: Ethics for Psychopaths (video)
How to use ethics – universally preferable behaviour – to contain and tame sociopaths and psychopaths.

FDR2286 Gun Control: History, Philosophy and Ethics (video)
Did you know that 90 years ago, America still had 12 times the murder rate of the United Kingdom? Did you know that criminals using guns are less likely to hurt their victims? Did you know that citizens use guns to protect themselves against criminals over two and a half million times a year?

FDR2291 Why Men Don’t Want To Get Married (video)
Stefan defends the honor of men.

FDR2292 Angel Bullets: Violence In a Free Society
Stef discusses how violent crime can be dealt with in a stateless society.

FDR2302 Violence in America: The History of a Catastrophe (video)
Stef takes you through the grim history and grimmer future of violence in America.

FDR2305 Will America Descend into a Civil War?
Stefan is interviewed by Michael Shanklin of (Voluntary Virtues)

FDR2309 Freedomain Radio Listener Emails – January 2013
Stef answers listener email questions.

FDR2310 Self Interest and Ostracism
Stefan discusses self interest and ostracism.

FDR2312 The Agony of Wisdom
Stef discusses arguments against self knowledge.

FDR2315 I Am Adam Lanza’s Therapist
Stef reads an article by Dr. Faye Snyder.

FDR2320 If Your Heart Was Broken, This Was How: The Philosophy of Divorce (video)
The Philosophy of Divorce.

FDR2322 Reactive Attachment! Dr Faye Snyder on Freedomain Radio
Stefan Molyneux interviews Dr. Faye Snyder.

FDR2331 Climate Change in 12 Minutes – The Skeptic’s Case
Stefan Molyneux reads “The Skeptic’s Case” an article by Dr. David M.W. Evans.

FDR2337 Dr Warren Farrell Cohosts the Freedomain Radio Sunday Call In Show 24 Feb 2013
Stefan Molyneux discusses men’s issues, human liberation and the challenges of modern feminism with Dr Warren Farrell, author of ‘The Myth of Male Power.’

FDR2344 Circumcision, Divorce and Male Disposability – Paul Elam on Freedomain Radio
Paul Elam of A Voice for Men discusses men’s issues with Stefan Molyneux.

FDR2345 Dentists Love Cavities? An Examination of Economic Monopolies
Stef examines the economic incentives for dentists to withhold cavity treatments, oil companies to buy up electric car patents, and other monopoly practices of the modern economy.

FDR2350 What Is The False Self?
Stef discusses the false self.

FDR2351 Automation and Capitalism
Stef discusses automation and capitalism.

FDR2361 How To Handle Criticism
Stef discusses how to handle criticism.

FDR2370 Freedomain Radio Call In Show, 28 April 2013
Stef discusses overcoming self-attack, helplessness, hostility, perfection, projecting onto the world and danger in group situations.

FDR2371 Iraq – A Decade of Hell (video)
Stefan presents a collection of information detailing the foundational lies, fraudulent claims, unaccountability, failure, environmental, economic and human costs of the Iraq War.

FDR2372 A Personal Update from Stefan Molyneux (video)
Stefan makes an announcement regarding his health and future.

FDR2378 Vanity, Thy Name is… Who?
Stef discusses a variety of topics on the Renegade Variety Hour.

FDR2385 The Experience of Illness
Stef discusses his overall experience since his recent Lymphoma diagnosis.

FDR2393 Should You Stay In Frustrating Political Conversations? – A Skeptically Yours Post Mortem
Stef analyses his appearance on the Skeptically Yours podcast with Emery Emery and Heather Henderson.

FDR2399 Negotiation Part 2: The Challenges
Stef discusses the opportunity for win-win negotiation that exists when there is a disagreement or conflict of needs between two parties.

FDR2400 Negotiation Part 3: When It Wont Work
Stef discusses situations where win-win negotiation is not possible.


  1. […] The Best of Freedomain Radio […]

    Pingback by The Best of Freedomain Radio « Emerging Renaissance | December 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. Transcripts of several of these are available at a fellow WordPress blog, which I maintain:

    Specifically, at the time of this comment,
    1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 70, 71, 183, 189, and 669. 🙂

    Simply type in
    replacing the #### with a four-digit version of the podcast number, ex. 0001, 0669…
    or see our episode list at http://readfdr.wordpress.com/list

    Please spread the news about our effort to bring these into written form!

    Comment by chuff | July 27, 2010 | Reply

  3. hey stef what in your opinion would be the top 5 or top 10 for say introducing an agnostic capitalist to the philosophy?

    Comment by wado714 | June 27, 2011 | Reply

    • Do you mean agnostic about capitalism or agnostic about something else? There are two good podcasts on this list about agnosticism in general (511 and 1199), but I’m not sure they would make a good introduction for somebody who doesn’t have experience in philosophy and psychology. If you’re new to the podcast, I recommend starting at the beginning. You can hit the highlights with this ‘best of’ list and go to the general stream to dig into the topics you find particularly interesting. Hope that helps 🙂

      Comment by emergingrenaissance | June 28, 2011 | Reply

  4. I really enjoy your work Stefan. As free market anarchist it’s refreshing to hear someone delve into areas not usually touched upon by others (like your ideas about parenting). I wonder what your thoughts are on transhumanism, or posthumanism in general. I often find myself pondering the future existence of our species, and wondering if we aren’t some sort of larva stage for the future human…a human so intertwined with technology that the two become inseparable and indistinguishable from each other.

    Maybe it’s just the sci-fi fan in me…but sci-fi is often just sci-fact delayed, not necessarily denied.

    I hope the question, or my view, isn’t too off the wall as to weird you out.

    Comment by tonythebrain | August 30, 2011 | Reply

    • Glad you like the show and the best-of list! Just to be clear, this list is curated by a listener and is not part of the Freedomain Radio website. To my knowledge, Stef has not talked much about transhumanism before. You might try calling in to a Sunday show and asking him about it though; it would be an interesting topic.

      Comment by emergingrenaissance | August 30, 2011 | Reply

      • Thank you so much for your response, and the suggestion.

        Comment by tonythebrain | August 30, 2011

  5. http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FreedomainRadioPart2/~3/-tI0BcSTuQ8/FDR_341_Conflict_Resolution_Part_3.mp3 — this file seems to be incomplete, I’ve tried to download twice and it’s only 119 bytes.

    Comment by Sam | November 29, 2013 | Reply

    • Unfortunately it seems that podcast has been removed from the feed.

      Comment by emergingrenaissance | May 3, 2014 | Reply

  6. Thanks for compiling the list! Is there a way to download all podcasts from this list like a torrent?

    Comment by Aleksandr Elesev | March 27, 2014 | Reply

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